“Too often we give children answers to remember rather than problems to solve.” 
~ Roger Lewin


Children are more likely to exhibit their distress behaviourally; for instance they may act aggressively or be more withdrawn than usual. It may be difficult for a child or youth to articulate what is wrong. Because parents play such an influential role in the life of a child, Michelle works collaboratively with families when supporting a child in therapy. She can assist children in processing their issues, as well as support parents in exploring the best ways to respond to their child.

Michelle utilizes Narrative and Family-Systems theory when working with children and their families, and relies on Play Therapy techniques when counselling younger children. She may introduce a sand tray, figurines, art supplies and games to build rapport and work therapeutically with your child. Michelle can assist parents, children and youth in coping with the following concerns:

·         Dealing with trauma, such as physical or sexual abuse

·         Anxiety, worries and fears that impact functioning

·         Peer relationships and bullying

·         Parental divorce and/or remarriage

·         Self-esteem and identity

·         Self-harming behaviours, such as cutting

·         School adjustment and other transitions

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